How can you have over 100% renewables?


How we calculate the Renewable %

We Calculate our Renewable percentage number as a factor of current renewable supply vs. current total grid demand. 

Therefore when the sun is shining hard and the wind is blowing certain states will often produce more renewable energy than there is demand for. It is at these times when you will see a Renewable % number bigger than 100% on your Live Price screen.

At these times states will have to either send their excess energy to other states to make sure it is used, or scale back renewable production - another reason why it’s good for Amber customers to use power at these times.


Why this is great for Amber customers

These are great times to use electricity, as not only will it be very cheap and almost definitely coming from a renewable generator, but increased demand at these times will lead to longer term renewable adoption.


Renewable % numbers have increased in my app a lot recently

We’ve recently included rooftop solar production in our calculations, in order to get the most accurate representation of how much renewable energy is in the grid. In some states this may mean you will see a large (10-20%) increase daily in the renewable % number in the app.


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