How does billing work if I cannot get a smart meter?


We do our best to provide smart meter installs at no additional costs to as many customers as possible. We succeed about 90% of the time, but about 10% of the time, the smart meter install is more complex than usual and requires additional electrical works. Because our margin is only our low monthly fee, we typically can't cover the cost of these additional works.

We also understand that not every customer is in a position to cover these costs.

What will I be charged for my usage without a smart meter?

The good news is that Amber still passes through wholesale prices, with no retail markup, to customers who can't get a smart meter.

Since your basic meter can't be read remotely and can't track the times of day when you used power, we'll average the wholesale price in your region and pass on these prices with no mark up.

The wholesale market operator uses this data to charge us wholesale rates for your power. This estimate is roughly accurate for most people. Your bill will still be based on your total kWh usage between readings.

If you want to understand more about what your rates will be like without a smart meter, check out our Pricing page and enter your postcode.

The rates you'll see in your quote are a yearly average rate based on a typical customer's consumption - which is very similar to how your rates are calculated if you don't have a smart meter. You can view historical rates for each month of the year by clicking 'By Month' on the price chart.

Will I be billed monthly or quarterly?

Without a smart meter you'll continue to have quarterly meter readings carried out by someone from your local network (who manage the poles, wires, and meters in your area). Since we only receive your usage data once every 3 months, this means you'll be billed on a quarterly cycle.

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