What payment options do you offer?


We currently offer direct debit via bank account and credit card, BPAY and Centrepay to customers as payment options. 

When you receive your bill with us, it will have a due date listed that is the date the direct debit is automatically processed. Please note there is a 1% transaction fee on credit cards.

We have BPAY available to all our customers, which means you have more control over how and when you can pay for your bills! This will allow you to get on top of your bills if you'd like to pay in advance (bill smoothing), or pay in instalments up to three days before the bill due date.
Please note that this does not replace our default payment method via Direct Debit.

If you are interested in this or any other payment options, please reach out to us

If you are ever struggling to pay your bills, we have options to assist with flexible payment arrangements that work for you.
For more information on this, click through to What is Amber's Financial Hardship policy?

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