Can I get a smart meter if I'm renting or living in an apartment or unit?


You sure can. Meters are actually owned by the Networks and Metering companies, not the home owner, so you won't be breaking any terms in your lease by switching your meter. We do, however, encourage you to let your landlord or property manager know that you're having the meter upgraded.

If you are in a newer apartment or unit, installing a smart meter shouldn't have any impact on other owners in your complex, nor should it have an impact for any future tenants in the property.

If a new tenant decides to use a different retailer from Amber then they can keep the Smart Meter and use it with a new retailer at no cost from us.

What if I'm in an older block of flats/units/apartments?

In some cases, additional work may be required to install a smart meter in blocks of units, apartments, or townhouses, where multiple electricity meters share the same power supply. In this case, an "isolation" procedure may be required for the electrician to safely install the new meter without cutting power to other homes. This is particularly common in old apartment blocks in Sydney.


We'll contact you as soon as possible if we find that this is the case for you. There'll be a cost involved in proceeding with your smart meter install, as we're not able to cover the cost of making your meter safe to upgrade. You'll always have the option of choosing to remain on your basic or interval meter. Even if you don't have a smart meter, we'll still pass through Amber's typical wholesale prices.

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