What happens when Ausgrid's two-way trial tariff ends?


Ausgrid's two-way trial tariff, EA959 for imports and EA960 for exports, will end on 30 June 2024 as Ausgrid is concluding this trial. 


What will happen on 1st July 2024 if I was on this tariff?

For you usage from the grid, Ausgrid will automatically move you to their default tariff, the Residential Demand Tariff (EA116).

For your exports, we will opt you in to Ausgrid's new Export Tariff (EA029) which has a very similar structure to the trial, with a smaller bonus for exports during peak times, as well as a small penalty for daytime exports above an approximate ~7kWh/day allowance, known as a Basic Export Limit. 

Remember, any network tariff is on top of Amber’s wholesale feed-in rate, so you still pay or receive the live price for all your usage and exports.

To see the best results on this tariff, keep maximising daytime usage to soak up your solar and avoid export penalties, and minimise your usage from the grid at expensive peak times. 


Preliminary price and structure changes for Ausgrid two-way trial customers as of July 1 2024

The below tables cover network charges only, all other charges you normally see on your bill should be expected to retain the same structure and final rates for all charges will be shared in late June.

Usage Prices

Price component EA959 Price to 30 June 2024 (incl. GST) EA116 Price from 1 July 2024 (incl. GST)
Network usage charge - peak times 

29.99 c/kWh 


2.32 c/kWh
(all times)
Network usage charge - off-peak times 4.25 c/kWh
(all other times)
Network demand charge*  N/A

32.98 c/kW/day 

(applied to highest half-hour kW demand in 3-9pm window, in Summer (Nov-Mar) and Winter (Jun-Aug) only, resets on calendar month)

Daily network charge 54.06 c/day 53.69 c/day

*Read more about how network demand charges work here

Export Prices

Price component EA960 Price to 30 June 2024 (excluding GST*) EA029 Price from 1 July 2024 (excluding GST*)
Export Reward

26.58 c/kWh 


2.40 c/kWh 


Export Charge

-1.99 c/kWh 


-1.20 c/kWh^


*GST is not applicable to credits or charges on exports to the grid

^Basic Export Limit (BEL) applies. The BEL is the amount of solar power the networks are allowing you to export free of charge. For Ausgrid you're allowed to export 6.85kWh/day during the 10am to 3pm window, averaged over the monthly billing period, before the export penalty is applied.


If you decide you’d like to opt out of the EA029 export tariff from 1 July 2024, and receive only the wholesale Feed-in-Tariff for your exports, let us know by filling out our form here


If you are unfamiliar with the structure of a Demand Tariff, please read our explainer article here. We have recently released new product features to improve the experience of our customers on demand tariffs. Customers on a Demand Tariff can now see when the demand window is active in the Live Prices screen of our app, making it easier to adapt your energy usage as needed during these periods. We have also updated the SmartShift algorithm so that Smartshift will not direct your battery to increase its charge level by importing from the grid during the demand window, and preference self consumption during these windows where possible. 


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