Ausgrid's two-way trial tariff + benefits for Amber customers


This tariff is ending on 30 June 2024, and will be replaced by a new export tariff (EA029).

Read more about the proposed new tariff on Ausgrid's fact sheet here.


Ausgrid's new Residential Two-way Tariff (tariff code EA959 for usage from the grid, paired with EA960 for exports) rewards customers for exporting during peak times with a bonus 26.58 c/kWh FiT (excl. GST) on top of Amber’s wholesale feed-in rate. Ausgrid defines peak time as between 2-8 PM. 

So for example, if you were to export solar when wholesale rates are sitting at 13c/kWh, you’d instead get 39.58 c/kWh. 

Considerations before joining

There are some considerations to keep in mind when looking to make the most of this tariff. 

  • There is a 26.58 c/kWh (excl. GST) network charge for buying power from the grid between 2-8PM on top of the wholesale price of energy. We do not expect this to significantly impact most Amber battery customers, as your solar and stored energy should usually cover household usage at these times. Generally, we see batteries optimised by SmartShift™ export power to create value during this period instead.
  • There is a 2 c/kWh (excl. GST) charge for solar exports between 10-2PM. Load-shifting is key to minimising exports during this period, as with any other period with low feed-in tariffs. 
  • There are no differences between seasons or shoulder periods for the Two-way tariff trial.

Making this tariff work for you

  • Shift your energy intensive usage to 10-2PM, limiting exports during this period.
  • Minimise energy use after 2PM in order to allow more exports in the afternoon and avoid higher rates for consumption during this period.

No worse off guarantee

You can take up this trial tariff with very little risk, as Ausgrid has a “no worse off” guarantee running for customers on the trial. 

If you are unhappy with the new tariff structure, you can reach out and let us know so we can get you transferred back to your old tariff.

Joining the tariff

If you're an Amber customer in the Ausgrid network and you’d like to get the most value out of your solar and battery system, simply email and request to be moved to this innovative tariff. 

We will not be processing changed to this tariff after 1 June 2024. 

Prices in your Amber app will be updated once Ausgrid has processed the request and you can start enjoying even more profitable afternoon and evening exports thanks to SmartShift™ and Ausgrid.

Learn more

To learn more, visit our Ausgrid x Amber webpage. Head here to check if you are in the Ausgrid network

One of our Amber customers, David Hiley, has written an article on his experience with the new tariff here.

This trial tariff is currently set to end on 30 June 2024.




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